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Idiogrid is offered for FREE to anyone who wishes to download the program. The program is being offered for free to increase its distribution and to hopefully increase interest in repertory grids, Kelly's Personal Construct Theory, and person-centered techniques of data collection and analysis.

Interested in completing an online course on repertory grid techniques and Kelly's theory? Please complete this very brief, 9-item survey. I am attempting to determine the level of interest in such a course before I invest time in its creation. Thanks! James Grice, Ph.D.

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Download OOM (for free): Please check out Observation Oriented Modeling (Grice, 2011), a new way to conceptualize and analyze data for the social and biological sciences. Repertory grids and Personal Construct Theory figure into the book, as the borders between quantitative and qualitative research are challenged. Software for conducting analyses can be downloaded from a companion website to the book. 
OOM is intuitive, easy to use, and it works! You can watch a short video demonstrating the software, and you can read more about the program, the book, and the arguments behind it all on the OOM Website.

Although Idiogrid program is being provided for free, individuals using the program are asked to consider purchasing the program for 105.00 U.S. dollars ($20.00 for students or donations) if funds are readily available as part of a funded research project or funds are readily available from the organization (for example, hospital or business) for which the program is being used to collect and analyze data.* If funds are readily available, please select the 'Make Payment' link below.After making a payment, download and use the software.

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*Funds collected for Idiogrid are used to support the program's development;  for example, purchasing of equipment, reimbursing students, or covering travel expenses. Grant support for activities revolving around software development are not readily available in the United States.  Idiogrid has been in development for over nine years and is comprised of over 200 pages of programming code, and it comes packaged with a user's manual in HTML format that is nearly 200 pages in length. In a sense, Idiogrid is equivalent to at least one published book that is continually edited.