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In the Spring of 2008, I delivered a 6-hour workshop at OSU. Although I taped the workshop, the quality of the recordings was low. I am attempting to transcribe as much of the workshop as possible, and will post my results here. Also, these videos were prepared using Camtasia Studio and they require the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.

The files are quite large and may take a few moments to please click once and be patient.


Written Guides


Dated Video Guides

The information below is dated and based on a beta version of Idiogrid 2.4. Some of the options may thus appear different.

The following videos walk the user through different features of Idiogrid. The videos can only be played with the latest version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player. They are not streaming videos, because the quality would not be sufficient, but are instead files that must be opened with Windows Media Player. A high speed, broadband connection is also necessary; otherwise, the video may appear without sound. The presentations are also best viewed in Full Screen mode of the Media Player.

Introduction / Basic Features of Idiogrid

Interpreting Principal Components Plots

Multiple Group Components Analysis